Tri B. Huynh was born on July 13th, 1965 in South Vietnam. He is the youngest child in a family of four that consists of his mother, older sister and brother. His father died when he was eleven months old during the Viet Nam war. In 1987, he escaped Viet Nam and crossed the border to Cambodia, and from there made his way to Thailand. He stayed in Thailand for two and a half years until he made his way to America by a political refugee operation in 1990.

          Tri is now a husband to Cambinh T. Huynh and a father to three: Billie, Leslie and Anderson. His experience with jewelry started in the year of 1987 in Vietnam just before escaping the country and continued on being trained in Thailand during his first year there. During the second year, Tri opened a jewelry repair shop in the refugee camp. Because of that situation, the jeweler didn’t have enough tools and equipment to work with, so during many situations, he had to create his own tools from scraps. By doing that, he has learned and gained experience from himself and other jewelers. In 1990, Tri arrived to Southern California and started his life all over again. As a 25 year old, he went to Mount San Antonio College to study English among general majors. After two years, he decided to quit and continue his jewelry studies at Jewelry Institute College. It was a tough decision. He had to take classes full-time while working at a full-time job to support himself. He graduated in the year of 1993 and started his journey as a jeweler in America. He loves a good challenge to help him be better at what he does. His first job as a jeweler was at Rhonda Fine Jewelry, now called Swiss Watch Gallery in Laguna Hills Mall in El Toro, California.

          After getting married and having his first child, Tri moved to Arizona in 1999 to relocate his new family. He worked at another jewelry store for over 15 years until he recently quit to pursue his dream of his own shop. Now with his experience, skill, and high tech devices such as a laser welder and a 3D custom design program to help him, he can use his and his customers’ imagination to be able to create beautiful custom jewelry. He enjoys the jobs that customers have brought in from multiple stores that are unable to help them. He loves to restore heirloom jewelry to help families connect to their heritage, which is priceless. Custom jewelry helps people of all ages create a piece a jewelry to hold on to their memories, like engagements, graduations, birthdays and more.

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