If you get a Tattoo, the artist could hand you a book or photo album of other work that other people have, but the best ones are the personalized, one of a kind pieces of art that spring from YOUR imagination or memory. Our jeweler has the skills to make you a piece of jewelry that you will chairish for a lifetime.

          Most custom creations go through a similar process. An idea, drawing or picture must be painstakingly translated into a 3D computer design. The computer software then runs a CNC machine. This machine follows the computer generated 3D design millimeter by millimeter etching and cutting a piece of hard wax. That wax will be then cast with metal and finished with a precious metal like gold or silver. 

          This was a cool custom job to do for a client. Take a classic memory of a first car and turn it into a piece of jewelry. There is a lot of work put into the design process  and plenty of high tech equipment put to use on every custom job. But it does not compare to the joy and excitement that comes from a satisfied client when they receive the finished product. 

Custom Work

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