SEO - Billies Custom Jeweler

Items Ready For Sale

We carry a selection of Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Precious Stones in various styles. We also carry pieces on consignment from other local artists and craftsmen/women from here in Phoenix, supporting our local talent and keeping those treasures here in Arizona. From Gold, Silver and Platinum to Pearls, Diamonds and Natural Stones. Stop in and browse our Showcases.

All Repairs & Engraving

From watch battery replacements to broken ring settings, our jeweler has all the tools and experience needed to Repair, Build, Adjust and Fix all of your Jewelry. Have a pile of Watches sitting around that need Batteries? Does that special Ring still have a loose Stone in it? Bring in your items and put those sentimental jewelry pieces into the hands of someone who not only CAN do the job, but that you can TRUST to do it right.

Custom Work

From an Idea in your mind or an old photograph of a long lost piece of Jewelry, our jeweler will take that through to a finished item. Using Computer Aided Design Software, he brings your idea to life and uses Computerized Machines to create wax cut outs, then casts the items and finishes them in whatever material you would like. ALL the work is done HERE in the store by the same jeweler. And his work areas are enclosed in windows, giving you an opportunity to watch exactly what he does.