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Timeless Custom Designs

​No job is too big or too small. From a picture or drawing on a bar napkin all the way to the finished piece, everything is done here in the store. The 3D CAD design, the printing of the design, the metal casting, and all of the finishing touches. Our Jewelers are great at listening to our customers, ensuring they get exactly what they were looking for.  Our jewelers have over 32 years of experience and never take shortcuts. We do it the right way, otherwise, we would not do it at all.

Come see us and together we will collaborate to create a one-of-a-kind lifelong keepsake that fulfills your vision with uncompromising craftsmanship. Bring any old jewelry or keepsakes and gemstones that you would like to recycle into something new. We will start with a drawing then create a 3D Printed model of your design.  You'll have the chance to approve the final design before we cast it in the precious metal of your choice.

Custom Ring

Class rings, work rings, service rings, what ever you want o call them. We can create one to your liking. Here is a one-of-a-kind United State Marines service Ring. White gold with a Garnet.

United States Marine Custom Ring
United States Marine Ring - CAD
United States Marine Emblem
Custom Heart Pendant - Drawing
Custom Heart Pendent with Gemstone
Custom Heart Pendant - CAD

Custom Pendant

Here a concept drawing was used and designed  using  CAD. The end is a beautiful pendant with 2 diamonds set into hearts and sapphire in the center. Made in white gold.

Custom Ring

Our customer has a great liking

for jeeps. She already had a

necklace. So here we created

her a ring in silver with gemstones.

Custom Jeep Ring
Custom Jeep Ring Wax Model
Jeep Reference for Custom Ring

Custom Pendant

Here we scanned a signature, a thumb print and prepared them digitally for laser engraving. After cutting out a heart by our laser machine, we engraved it to create this unique necklace.

Signature used to make Custom Pendant "Love Always"
Custom Pendant in Gold with signature and fingerprint
Fingerprint used to make custom gold pendant

How It's Done

Check out this video about our process when making a custom jewelry item.

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