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Jewelry Repairs

Free Cleaning & Inspections

We are happy to clean & light polish your jewelry at no charge. 

We will check over your items to see how they are wearing and if they need any maintenance.


Repairs are done here in our store using the latest technology in tools, equipment, and training.

We are able to work on all precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum. 

We offer ring sizing, re-tipping, restoration, and more.

Below we have listed some of the most common jewelry repairs we do here on site.

Ring Repairs

Gold, Platinum, Silver, even Stainless steel. We can size your ring up or down. We will make sure all your stones are tight. If white gold, we will Rhodium plate. Find your wedding set is turning or wearing each other down, have them soldered together.

Shaping Gold Ring
Wedding Rings
Jewelry Repairs - Adjustable Shanks
Jewelry Repairs - Adjustable Shank
Jewelry Repairs - Adjustable Shank

Adjustable Shanks

Adjusto-Shank sliding ring shank expands or contracts with a squeeze. Eliminates all knuckle-fit problem. Comfortably slide over the knuckle and sit perfectly in place. Expand and contract no matter how the wearer’s finger changes. Fit snugly so the ring won’t spin, twist, or slip off and get damaged.

Chain Repairs

We do all types of chain repairs, whether you chain is broken, needs to be shortened or lengthened. Needs a clasp replaced.

Chain Repairs Soldering with Torch
Yellow Gold Chain Repairs
Chain Repairs Lobster Clasp
Chain Repairs Jump rings
Chain Repairs Spring Ring Clasp
Jewelry Repairs Rhodium Plating
Jewelry Repairs Rhodium Plating - Before and After

Rhodium Plating

White gold jewelry is a mixture of gold and white metals such palladium, silver, nickel and zinc. By incorporating these other metals with gold, it makes the jewelry appear lighter and adds strength. The resulting material has a yellowish hue of various intensities depending on how much white metals are mixed into the alloy. To mask this yellow tint and achieve a bright silvery-white color, White gold jewelry is plated with the metal rhodium.​

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